Research Documents

Members of the Project Albert International Team have authored many research papers in the area of agent-based modeling and its associated disciplines. Below you will find a list of the research areas along with links to many papers

  • Manuever Warfare Science Publications: Project Albert has been developing experimental methods to explore questions in a new way. The fundamental idea is to capture the essence of a situation in a simple way and use ever-increasing computing power and collaborative environments to explore the vast space of possibilities that confront decision makers in our uncertain world.

    The application areas described in these volumes include command and control, urban operations, logistics, sensors, peace support operations, and counter terrorism. The authors hail from around the world, starting at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory and reaching to other Marines, other services, and other collaborating nations. These authors describe their areas of application, which are but a part of the work we are pursuing within Project Albert, and put forth ideas on how to more effectively continue the efforts.