Experimental History

For the past several years, Project Albert has proudly hosted midshipmen from the United States Naval Academy as part of the Academy summer program. The midshipmen that have worked with us are in between their junior and senior year at the Academy and major in history. Upon arriving at Project Albert, we ask the midshipmen to pick a battle, engagement, or conflict that they have a keen interest in, research their subject matter, and then ask the question "what if". The "what if" can be a tactical decision made by an on-scene commander, "what if" the weather had changed, "what if" the strategic policy of the engaging forces was different, etc. When the midshipmen have completed their research and asked "what if", they are given a crash course in the Project Albert models. They are then tutored by a Project Albert model expert who guide them in applying the model of their choice to their research, data farm their research, and then see what results they acquire. At the end of their stay, the midshipmen brief out their results to the Project Albert core personnel in the Washington, DC metro area. At the links below are a sampling of Project Albert / US Naval Academy Experimantal History.